Cannabis Coffee Shops in the UK?

Hi readers, what do you think of Amsterdam-style coffee shops opening up in the UK?


2 responses to “Cannabis Coffee Shops in the UK?

  1. I voted maybe, but only because i have watched Amsterdam nights and i also just came back from Amsterdam about 1-2 months ago, and while i did have the time of my life, i noticed a lot of underlying crime as shown on Amsterdam nights, you can literally walk down any street, even during the day and within 5 minutes you WILL be approached for any drug you can think off, i was even offered heroin, not nice, not nice at all.
    I don’t know whether this is a direct impact off the coffee shops, but if we could maybe sort it out so there‚Äôs not a lot of crime (but not so there is a policeman on every street corner!) then yes it would be great for us, tourists, more money for the economy (which we are in desperate need off) and so on.

    • Nice reply and I agree with your comment. I’ve also been approached by the ‘looky looky’ men in the ‘Dam and was also offered plenty of “dancing powder” as they called it. They didn’t really push it though, I said no thanks to them and they soon went away.

      I guess these dealers congregate around places where they know people will be interested in buying drugs, like Amsterdam. If people wouldn’t buy their products then they wouldn’t be there – just like double-glazing salesmen!!

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