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The Daily Mail…Again

guerilla grow?!So once again this shoddy newspaper is filling up my news feed with their drivel. This time the headline screams: ” ‘Guerilla’ cannabis growers farm 6ft-tall crop hidden deep in woodland leaving police fearing new tactic in drug production

The full story is here, and I urge you to read it just for the amusement value. Just look at the smug look on the policeman’s faces, they really do believe they have done some good…bless them.
cannabis and plod
Now there’s several things wrong with this story. The first is that a whopping ten cannabis plants were discovered. Yes, that’s right you heard right…TEN!! Woopdedooda. True, they may have found ten plants, but I hardly think this could be deemed as a commercial grow. This chap who grew the herb was obviously doing it for a bit of personal. Now that his plantation has been busted he will now have to buy his weed off a dealer, who in turn buys his weed off a commercial grower, who is more than likely a Vietnamese growing in a rented property somewhere near you. The money from this deal will go into the black market, which in turn will bring over more trafficked Vietnamese, to make more black market weed. And so the vicious circle continues.

The second point about this article is that it aludes to the fact that this is a ‘new tactic’ being employed by ‘mobsters’. Don’t make me laugh, growing outdoors has been going on for years. A friend of mine grew a dozen Blueberry plants by the side of an A road last year, he didn’t get caught when it came to harvest, and although his plants weren’t nearly as big as these beauties he got some decent draw out of them…and not 1p went into the black market to achieve this. To be sure I am very impressed with the size of these 6ft monster plants, how the hell did they get that size outside in the UK this summer, which has been the wettest summer for 100 years! I actually think the plants are more like 5ft tall, and the two policeman are actually 4ft dwarves 😉 Regardless, kudos to the grower for getting the plants to such a majestic size outside in this country.

Thirdly, the article mentions very early on that this type of growing is becoming more common because of the ‘warmer summer weather in Britain’. Hello, am I missing something here? Every year for the past 4/5 years the summer in the UK has been god awful. So once again I congratulate this grower for creating such fine specimens of marijuana goodness.

If he reads this blog then please get in touch and tell me how you did it!!

The Daily Mail Screws Up Yet Another Drug-Related Story

Daily Mail - F%@k OffThis fine piece of journalism (!) came through on my news feed this morning, with the rather catchy title of ‘The day Britain lost the war on drugs: The liberals who left us a devastating legacy‘. Read the full article here.

So once again cannabis has been lumped into the same category as much harder drugs, as well as the tobacco and alcohol category to boot. How very nice of you Daily Mail; why go and print a story and let facts get in the way of a good yarn. I’m sure your deluded right-wing goose-stepping readership will lap up every word and believe it to be gospel!

This blog is choc full of facts and statistics on just how undeadly cannabis is…so I’m not going to repeat it all again…

…For now I just have this to say to you and your narrow-minded readership…salute to dirtbags

How to Stop Your Property Being Used As a Cannabis Farm

Plod in the garden - your worst nightmare!Just checking through my newsfeed this morning and this interesting story popped up from!

There’s some very useful pointers there if you’re a landlord and you’re worried about some eastern-european tossbag trashing your house and growing copious amounts of weed in it.

I’m all for growing the stuff, but not at the expense of other people or their property. The vast majority of this type of growing stems from organised gangs. This money then flows into the more seedy side of the black market such as human traffiking, prostitution and other very unsavoury practises. I firmly believe that growing your own ganja for your own personal use is absolutely fine, and by doing this you’re not putting money into the black market and you know exactly what you’re smoking.

What I fail to understand about the stats given by the ipinglobal post is that there is a reason the number of cannabis farms are growing in number, and that’s because there’s a huge market for the ‘erb in the UK, and it’s growing year-on-year. If only the government intervened, decriminalised it and taxed it. Overnight these illegal farms would fold, the money going into the black market would decrease, and the police would be able to focus on doing proper police work instead of fighting an un-winnable war on cannabis cultivation.

I really thought I’d seen everything…!!


Some idiot thought it would be a good idea to try and flog three cheese plants on ebay, dont believe me, check it out.

some one tries to sell cannabis plants on ebay

And he had the cheek to charge 175 quid without the pots! hahaha

It goes without saying that his auction did not last 18hours and 21 minutes, it lasted more like 10 mins i think.

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Cannabis vs Alcohol – PART II

cannabis v alcohol deathsAs the US gets ever closer to their 2012 Presidential election, medical marijuana coverage seems to be increasing over there. With medical marijuana dispensaries getting closed down in certain states it would appear that the pro-cannabis movement is cranking up the volume.

So while I was rummaging through the Stateside news this week I came across this statistic:

Deaths from Cannabis = 0 (ever)
Deaths from Alcohol = 2,000,000 (every year)

You would think that the more dangerous drug, ie alcohol, would be the illegal product. So with a zero death toll I can see why the pro-cannabis lobbyists are trying so hard to fight for the cannabis corner, and ultimately the decriminalisation of this fabulous herb as well as better medical research into the benefits it can bring.

Cannabis as a treatment has been controversial as there is conflicting research about whether medical cannabis is or is not addictive. Many studies have found that cannabis is not addictive, or as harmful, as other drugs such as alcohol, tobacco, and opiates.

There has been a few medical studies peformed over the last few years to ascertain whether the herb has a solid medical application, and three of the most compelling studies I’ve found are below:

1) A 2009 study found that injections of THC, the primary active chemical in cannabis, helped eliminate dependence on opiates such as morphine and heroin in test animals.

2) A survey on addiction treatment and relapse rates amongst substance users found that respondents used cannabis to curb their alcohol cravings, and as an alternative to previous use of prescription drugs, and even as a substitute for more potent drugs such as cocaine.

3) Another study published in the Harm Reduction Journal over in the US found that medical cannabis users were much less likely to use more potent drugs, and even reported less tobacco use than non-cannabis users.

To me, it couldn’t be clearer that more effective research is needed; not just in the US, but on a global scale. Since withdrawal from alcohol and serious drug use often prompts the same symptoms as other medical conditions that cannabis is used to treat (anxiety, depression, pain, nausea, and sleeplessness), it seems logical that responsible use of cannabis could also help with addiction recovery.

Just to round off this post, I’ve pasted below a beautiful illustration depicting several cannabis vs alcohol statistics.

alcohol Vs cannabis chart

Makes you wonder why cannabis is so vilified, doesn’t it?

…I’m also thinking of moving to Oregon, where apparently you are allowed to legally possess 24 ounces of the green gold, according to the chart above!

More Cannabis Myths Put Into Touch

Doobons.comOver in the US there’s a great organisation called Doobons (who recently changed their name to ‘United Patients Group’). They offer a free medical resource for alternative medicine, including medical marijuana. They tend to focus on helping find the right treatment for those people with terminal and acute diseases such as: Cancer, MS, severe pain, etc.

Even though this is a Brit blog I would urge you to check out their site and then wonder “why the hell have we nothing like this over here in the UK?”. I mean they offer all this free alternative medical advice to the needy…and heck they even have a free app to boot!

The reason I’m blogging about this organisation is that recently they have officially debunked a few cannabis myths that are circulating. For an organisation of this size and stature to be doing this certainly made me prick up my ears and take notice.

I’ll quote directly from John in bold below (John is the owner and founder of Doobons):

Myth #1: Cannabis is an addictive drug that poses significant health consequences to its users.

“Unlike many of the medicines frequently used, acute lethal overdoses of marijuana have not been reported and there is no research proving increased mortality attributable to chronic use. In fact, in a recent study, the Institute of Medicine concluded that, ‘Compared to most other drugs…dependence among marijuana users is relatively rare.’”

Myth #2: Supporting medical cannabis endangers our children and encourages abuse of the drug.

“I think it’s also really important for parents to understand that dispensaries are even harder for their teenagers to get into than nightclubs, not to mention the prices are higher,” said John. “There have also been studies that show a decrease in teens’ marijuana use since the legalization of medical cannabis in California, and no evidence supporting that the passage of Proposition 215 increased marijuana use.”

Myth #3: More access to medical marijuana for legitimate patients will increase the number of marijuana-related car crashes and fatalities.

“Similar to any other medication, medical marijuana patients are held accountable to the same standards and laws of those who take any medicine with the potential to impair coordination and decision-making. There are literally hundreds of prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs that can cause delayed reactions and drowsiness and should not be used while driving; medical marijuana is no different.”

Myth #4: Cannabis must be smoked in order to benefit from its medicinal components.

“In fact, there are several ways to use medical cannabis other than lighting and smoking it. The options for patients range from vaporizing and oils to edibles and medical cannabis pills. “It just depends on what the patient feels comfortable with and what works best for them.”

Myth #5: Medicinal cannabis is only used by teenagers.

United Patients Group has found that many of the people who visit the website are older patients that have never stepped foot inside a dispensary, or caregivers and parents of pediatric patients who desperately want to know all their options.

“United Patients Group has people from all over the world, from all walks of life calling us in need of direction and guidance, as they have days, not months or years, to wade through the ever changing laws and legislations of the cannabis world.”

A very interesting Q&A there, and I couldn’t agree more with John’s answers. I still firmly believe that these myths have been spun because of the powers-that-be – they want us to believe that cannabis is bad for us, is a gateway drug, causes mental problems, etc etc. But trust me people, just do a bit of research into this area, like I did, and that veil of lies is soon lifted. Sure, cannabis can be bad for you if you abuse it – it is a psychoactive drug after all, but there are so many uses for this plant, so many unexplored medical outlets, that it shouldn’t be vilified the way it is.

That is all, rant over 🙂

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