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Cannabis as a Treatment for Autism and Cancer?

Two great stories came through on my newsfeed this morning; both medical-related, and both claiming that cannabis could be of potential medical benefit for Autism and Cancer.

medical cannabis baggyCancer and Cannabis

I’ve written about the medical applications of cannabis as a treatment for Cancer in previous posts on this blog. However this story, which has been republished from The Huffington Post, claims that scientists in San Francisco have discovered a cannabis-derived compound that could halt metastasis in many kinds of aggresive cancer. There’s an aggresive cancer-causing gene called ID-1 which CBD, apparently, turns off. The full story can be read by clicking here.

autism and cannabisAutism and Cannabis

The other story about Autism and cannabis is also very interesting. It comes straight from and the story is here for you to read the full version. It’s a bit long-winded and techy so you have been warned!

Anyway, the crux of the story is that there is a genetic condition called ‘Fragile X syndrome‘, which is the most common gentic cause of autism. Males are more prone to this syndrome as we only carry one X chromosone (females obviously have two of these, so if one is damaged the other X chromosone compensates). Scientists have been testing on mice and they’ve found that by linking the pathways dependent on these 2-AG endocannabinoid transmitters, it corrects the Fragile X fault. This apparently led to a dramatic improvement in behaviour in the mice that had the condition.

Testing on mice is one thing, testing on humans is something altogether different, but it’s all good steps in the right direction, and yet another reason to continue the research into what else cannabis can offer us in terms of medical breakthroughs.


Is Cannabis About To Be Decriminalised In The UK?

Is Cannabis About To Be Decriminalised In The UK?

via Is Cannabis About To Be Decriminalised In The UK?.

Great post here from a blogger I haven’t come across before…

Cannabis Being Tested As A Treatment For Epilepsy

Cannabis MedicineSo this piece of news was waiting for me in my inbox this morning. It’s a story from so how accurate it is, is debatable! …FULL STORY HERE

Anyway it looks like, as well as the myriad other medical applications that cannabis is being tested on (see my previous posts here, here, and here), it is also now coming to light that one of the cannabinoids (CBDV) found in this wonder weed is showing positive indications that it could be used as an anticonvulsant treatment for epilepsy.

It’s early days yet though as the people in white coats at GW Pharma have only tested on rats and mice so far. Let’s see how this evolves over time, but it can only be positive news for this much vilified plant.

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There are no age limits in a black market for cannabis | Howard Marks | Comment is free |

Howard Marks

Howard Marks (aka Mr Nice) has waded into the debate on whether smoking cannabis in your teens lowers your IQ.

The article is well written by that lovely, pot-smoking Welshman and I recommend you read it – full story below…

There are no age limits in a black market for cannabis | Howard Marks | Comment is free |

The 10 Commandments Of Pot Consumption | Seed Mine

I found this great article on earlier. If you’re a toker then you need to read this!!


The 10 Commandments Of Pot Consumption

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