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The Daily Mail Screws Up Yet Another Drug-Related Story

Daily Mail - F%@k OffThis fine piece of journalism (!) came through on my news feed this morning, with the rather catchy title of ‘The day Britain lost the war on drugs: The liberals who left us a devastating legacy‘. Read the full article here.

So once again cannabis has been lumped into the same category as much harder drugs, as well as the tobacco and alcohol category to boot. How very nice of you Daily Mail; why go and print a story and let facts get in the way of a good yarn. I’m sure your deluded right-wing goose-stepping readership will lap up every word and believe it to be gospel!

This blog is choc full of facts and statistics on just how undeadly cannabis is…so I’m not going to repeat it all again…

…For now I just have this to say to you and your narrow-minded readership…salute to dirtbags