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The Daily Mail…Again

guerilla grow?!So once again this shoddy newspaper is filling up my news feed with their drivel. This time the headline screams: ” ‘Guerilla’ cannabis growers farm 6ft-tall crop hidden deep in woodland leaving police fearing new tactic in drug production

The full story is here, and I urge you to read it just for the amusement value. Just look at the smug look on the policeman’s faces, they really do believe they have done some good…bless them.
cannabis and plod
Now there’s several things wrong with this story. The first is that a whopping ten cannabis plants were discovered. Yes, that’s right you heard right…TEN!! Woopdedooda. True, they may have found ten plants, but I hardly think this could be deemed as a commercial grow. This chap who grew the herb was obviously doing it for a bit of personal. Now that his plantation has been busted he will now have to buy his weed off a dealer, who in turn buys his weed off a commercial grower, who is more than likely a Vietnamese growing in a rented property somewhere near you. The money from this deal will go into the black market, which in turn will bring over more trafficked Vietnamese, to make more black market weed. And so the vicious circle continues.

The second point about this article is that it aludes to the fact that this is a ‘new tactic’ being employed by ‘mobsters’. Don’t make me laugh, growing outdoors has been going on for years. A friend of mine grew a dozen Blueberry plants by the side of an A road last year, he didn’t get caught when it came to harvest, and although his plants weren’t nearly as big as these beauties he got some decent draw out of them…and not 1p went into the black market to achieve this. To be sure I am very impressed with the size of these 6ft monster plants, how the hell did they get that size outside in the UK this summer, which has been the wettest summer for 100 years! I actually think the plants are more like 5ft tall, and the two policeman are actually 4ft dwarves 😉 Regardless, kudos to the grower for getting the plants to such a majestic size outside in this country.

Thirdly, the article mentions very early on that this type of growing is becoming more common because of the ‘warmer summer weather in Britain’. Hello, am I missing something here? Every year for the past 4/5 years the summer in the UK has been god awful. So once again I congratulate this grower for creating such fine specimens of marijuana goodness.

If he reads this blog then please get in touch and tell me how you did it!!

The Daily Mail Screws Up Yet Another Drug-Related Story

Daily Mail - F%@k OffThis fine piece of journalism (!) came through on my news feed this morning, with the rather catchy title of ‘The day Britain lost the war on drugs: The liberals who left us a devastating legacy‘. Read the full article here.

So once again cannabis has been lumped into the same category as much harder drugs, as well as the tobacco and alcohol category to boot. How very nice of you Daily Mail; why go and print a story and let facts get in the way of a good yarn. I’m sure your deluded right-wing goose-stepping readership will lap up every word and believe it to be gospel!

This blog is choc full of facts and statistics on just how undeadly cannabis is…so I’m not going to repeat it all again…

…For now I just have this to say to you and your narrow-minded readership…salute to dirtbags