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Are the Cannabis Prohibition Dominoes Finally Falling?

legalise marijuanaWhat happens in the United States usually crosses the pond to the UK. So will we also see the beginning of the end of cannabis / marijuana prohibition in our fair land any time soon?

Stateside, the dominoes have been falling rapidly over the last couple of weeks. Washington and Colorado have recently legalised the recreational use of cannabis, and right now five other states are also considering similar laws. This is already on top of the 18 states that already have legalised medical marijuana. Pressure is certainly on President Obama to act, and hopefully he will do the right thing and end this senseless ‘war on drugs’ that has cost a fortune in money and lives.

A month ago, I doubt that any pro-cannabis advocate would have dreamed of such a thing, but here we are in the middle of November 2012 and the situation is real! America, and, it would seem, most of the Western Hemisphere, are under increased pressure to review their thinking on cannabis prohibition.

The leaders of Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras and Belize have all publicly gone on the record in recent days imploring the United Nations to hold a special session on drug prohibition by no later than 2015.

So what does this mean for the UK? For now, not a lot I’m afraid. I’m sure the Daily Mail readers will be up in arms at any mention of decriminalising, let alone legalising, this wonderful plant. However, this crazy and stupid prohibition must end, and end soon. We should legalise it for over 18s, tax it, and pay off a huge proportion of the national debt with the proceeds. The added bonus of legalising it will also mean better quality bud and (hopefully) an end to the dodgy drug dealers who plow the money into the black market. If the US truly embraces the end of prohibition then Canada will follow soon after, and then the Euro countries and the UK will follow suit.

Am I dreaming?!