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How is the War on Drugs Going?

US war on drugsWay back in the 80s, the US began their ‘war on drugs’. So almost 30 years later, just how is this war on drugs going? Is the US government winning? The simple answer to this is a resounding no! In fact this war is being won hands-down by the Mexican and South American Cartels.

I found this fascinating article posted on businessinsider.com which illustrates just how one-sided this war on cannabis and other illegal drugs is…makes you think doesn’t it.

The South American countries seem to be coming round to a new way of thinking. Hot on the heels of Uruguay announcing they will potentially legalise cannabis, Columbia has also announced that they are seriously considering decriminalising small amounts of cannabis and cocaine for personal use. The full story can be found here, courtesy of theweedblog.com.

And lastly, this article I found at allvoices.com pretty much sums up the mood of the ever growing pro-legalisation-of-cannabis groups. Loving the picture of the man smoking the absolutely enormous reefer at the rally in Toronto!!