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Medical Facts from Across the Pond

I found this medical facts chart at http://medicalbillingandcodingcertification.net a bit earlier, it makes for interesting (but slightly scary) reading. Over-medicated America seems to be firmly in the clutches of the drug pharma companies. Obviously not all prescription drugs are bad for you, there has been some amazing medical breakthroughs over the years, but at what point does helping the patient get better turn into profiteering and prescribing unneeded medicine just to keep the drug company’s shareholders happy?

Anyway have a close read of the following chart and see if you agree with me that this is a very sad story. What’s even more un-nerving is that what happens in the US usually comes over the pond to the UK not long after, so will we be seeing over-prescribing of pointless drugs here? I actually think it’s already happening to a certain degree. I know a few GPs, they are my friends, and they all get visits on a regular basis by very glamourous reps from the large drug companies with the sole view of aggressively promoting and pushing their drugs, with cash incentives for the GP of course. Some have caved in to this cash carrot, while others stick dogedy by the hypocratic oath they took and only prescribe medicine when it is genuinely needed by the patient.

Overmedicated America
Created by: MedicalBillingandCodingCertification.net

All this just to line the pockets of greedy pharma execs and their equally greedy shareholders. It makes me sick when you think about the implications this has on the people who rely on their GP to give open, honest and impartial medical advice.