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How to Stop Your Property Being Used As a Cannabis Farm

Plod in the garden - your worst nightmare!Just checking through my newsfeed this morning and this interesting story popped up from ipinglobal.com!

There’s some very useful pointers there if you’re a landlord and you’re worried about some eastern-european tossbag trashing your house and growing copious amounts of weed in it.

I’m all for growing the stuff, but not at the expense of other people or their property. The vast majority of this type of growing stems from organised gangs. This money then flows into the more seedy side of the black market such as human traffiking, prostitution and other very unsavoury practises. I firmly believe that growing your own ganja for your own personal use is absolutely fine, and by doing this you’re not putting money into the black market and you know exactly what you’re smoking.

What I fail to understand about the stats given by the ipinglobal post is that there is a reason the number of cannabis farms are growing in number, and that’s because there’s a huge market for the ‘erb in the UK, and it’s growing year-on-year. If only the government intervened, decriminalised it and taxed it. Overnight these illegal farms would fold, the money going into the black market would decrease, and the police would be able to focus on doing proper police work instead of fighting an un-winnable war on cannabis cultivation.