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How is the War on Drugs Going?

US war on drugsWay back in the 80s, the US began their ‘war on drugs’. So almost 30 years later, just how is this war on drugs going? Is the US government winning? The simple answer to this is a resounding no! In fact this war is being won hands-down by the Mexican and South American Cartels.

I found this fascinating article posted on businessinsider.com which illustrates just how one-sided this war on cannabis and other illegal drugs is…makes you think doesn’t it.

The South American countries seem to be coming round to a new way of thinking. Hot on the heels of Uruguay announcing they will potentially legalise cannabis, Columbia has also announced that they are seriously considering decriminalising small amounts of cannabis and cocaine for personal use. The full story can be found here, courtesy of theweedblog.com.

And lastly, this article I found at allvoices.com pretty much sums up the mood of the ever growing pro-legalisation-of-cannabis groups. Loving the picture of the man smoking the absolutely enormous reefer at the rally in Toronto!!


Medical Marijuana

Some more Stateside news again today…

…As you may or may not know, the marijuana laws in some US states have been relaxed of late. Although the growing and cultivation of the herb is still very much a grey area, if you pop along to your local GP in California (or other select states) they have the power to prescribe you a Medical Marijuana Pass, you then take this into your local Marijuana dispensary with some cash, and you can then legally buy cannabis over the counter. The bible belt god-botherers over there must be going bonkers at this!

Anyway after a quick scour of the interweb I found this great chart of the top-selling weed over there, courtesy of weedmaps.com. Most of these strains I’ve heard of before, but Green Crack at #2? What’s all that about?

I’m not a big fan of the US drug laws, mainly because they seem overly stringent and focus on punishing the end-user and not the suppliers (and that ‘drug war’ against the suppliers is being comprehensively won by the South American and Mexican cartels…but that’s a story for another post). However, what is refreshing is this relaxation in policy against smokers of cannabis. It’s unusual to see this relaxation in policy from the US, but I wish we had something like this in the UK.

It just makes sense; if people want to smoke they will, regardless of whether it’s legal or not, by relaxing the rules it cuts out the black market element of buying cannabis from dealers who are plowing that money into very unsavoury elements of crime. By following the US (Californian) example, you make the weed taxable and redirect the cash to the government and not the organised crime gangs.

When will the UK government learn?

Medical Facts from Across the Pond

I found this medical facts chart at http://medicalbillingandcodingcertification.net a bit earlier, it makes for interesting (but slightly scary) reading. Over-medicated America seems to be firmly in the clutches of the drug pharma companies. Obviously not all prescription drugs are bad for you, there has been some amazing medical breakthroughs over the years, but at what point does helping the patient get better turn into profiteering and prescribing unneeded medicine just to keep the drug company’s shareholders happy?

Anyway have a close read of the following chart and see if you agree with me that this is a very sad story. What’s even more un-nerving is that what happens in the US usually comes over the pond to the UK not long after, so will we be seeing over-prescribing of pointless drugs here? I actually think it’s already happening to a certain degree. I know a few GPs, they are my friends, and they all get visits on a regular basis by very glamourous reps from the large drug companies with the sole view of aggressively promoting and pushing their drugs, with cash incentives for the GP of course. Some have caved in to this cash carrot, while others stick dogedy by the hypocratic oath they took and only prescribe medicine when it is genuinely needed by the patient.

Overmedicated America
Created by: MedicalBillingandCodingCertification.net

All this just to line the pockets of greedy pharma execs and their equally greedy shareholders. It makes me sick when you think about the implications this has on the people who rely on their GP to give open, honest and impartial medical advice.