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Worldwide Use of Cannabis

According to the United Nations, the following Top 12 list shows countries with the largest annual consumption of cannabis:

1) Palau: 24.2%

2) Northern Mariana Islands: 22.2%

3) Guam: 18.4%

4) Italy; New Zealand: 14.6%

6) Nigeria: 14.3%

7) USA: 14.1%

8) Canada: 12.7%

9) Saint Kitts and Nevis: 11.7%

10) Bermuda: 10.9%

11) Spain: 10.6%

12) Australia: 10.3%

I really thought the UK would feature in this list!

Anyway there’s also a great illustration below, courtesy of the UN’s World Drug Report 2012, that shows how cannabis use is spread on a global scale:

Cannabis use on a global scale


And this one below shows the trend changes in the use of cannabis globally:

Cannabis decrease in the UK


And look at the UK – there has, apparently, been a large decrease in cannabis use. However it still stands that cannabis is still far and away the most widely used illicit drug, with over 119 million users worldwide…that’s a lot of ‘erb being smoked and a lot of munchies being devoured.

And finally, according to the same UN report, they report that globally, illegal drugs kill around 200,000 people a year, compared with 2.3 million alcohol-related deaths and 5.1 million tobacco deaths.

I think I’ll stick with the illegal drugs thanks, have a nice weekend 🙂